Organized Cooking

7 Day Cooking Challenge Without an Oven

As our home is under construction from water damage, I thought I would do a challenge of meal planning with no oven. All sub flooring has to be redone so the oven had to be removed. I will cook with these 3 items below. I use the crockpot, stove, and presto a lot with cooking for my large family. Any of these can be bought on Amazon:) I will leave a link for each item.


This is # 1 best tool in my kitchenI actually have 2 crock-pots I use with cooking for my large family. Sometimes I may use one for the entree and the other for potatoes or desserts. Click the button for Amazon fave:)


I am so grateful for my glass stove top! Our stove top on an island in the middle of the kitchen. I like this because I have drawers for all my spices. Click the button for Amazon fave:)


I love-love-love this tool!! I can cook large amounts of meat at one time. I also can cook 6-8 pancakes at 1 time. This tool cuts my time in half for cooking. Click the button for Amazon fave:)


This is one of my tools in the kitchen. If you have never cooked with a iron skillet I highly recommend it. It holds the heat in the meat and cooks quicker leaving a great taste. The taste is almost like your food had been on a grill cooking. You do have to clean an iron skillet differently than a regular cook wear. Amazon has a 3 set pack. Click the button below for my Amazon fave:)

Menu Planner for 1 week