Shurley English

I have been homeschoooling for 20 years. I have used a lot of English curriculums. This is hands down my favorite. When children are young English concepts can be hard to understand. Shurley English teaches through building concepts and repitition. I started using SE when one of our children was struggling with English in school. She did not know the meanings of the words like modify or adverb or direct object. This curriculum defines this beautifully through jingles.

  • I like the fact that the book goes by levels not grades.
  • It teaches all the 8 parts of speech through jingles, this is one of my favorites.
  • Concepts build.
  • Label each word in the sentence and this builds also.
  • Teaches the very fundamentals in writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
  • The homeschool version helps Mom's to teach with confidence. I have also learned a lot from using this curriculum.

You can order this curriculum through Shurley English at these links:

Christian Book

Shurley English

Teaching Textbooks

I like this curriculum for multiple reasons:

  • Multiple children
  • Has lectures that teach the concept then the child does problems. It's like having a built in teacher:)
  • It keeps grades.
  • Has quizzes and test built in.
  • Children can go all the way through Pre-calculus.
  • Concepts are incremental
  • Works good if a child has dyslexia or has a hard time grasping concepts.

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Teaching Textbooks

Math U See

I have used this curriculum all the way through geometry. I can't say enough great things about Math U See. I started all our children with this. The concept; you see it-say it-write it. It involves all the ways in learning. When I taught in a private school, I used so so many concepts that I learned from this curriculum. This is also great if you have a child with dyslexia or dyscalculia or has a difficult time grasping a concept. I loved the way he taught fractions and decimals as well as multiplication and division. Fractions can be hard for children to grasp at first. This comes with blocks to help the child understand the adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, and the decimal system.

  • Children learn a solid foundation in math.
  • Math problems are spaced out on the exercise sheet.
  • Has teaching videos to go with each chapter if you have the physical books.
  • Incremental
  • Learns one concept at a time
  • Builds with blocks
  • The layout is great for parents to teach
  • Explanation of math concepts are easy to understand
  • Doing the lessons don't seem daunting for the child.
  • I love that he goes by levels marked by the Greek alphabet and not grades. I am a huge fan of concepts not the grade the child is in.

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Math U See

Gratefulness Journals

I started this practice and after 3 months I started our children on these journals. I have them take their journals everyday and write just 5 things they are grateful for. This really changes their mindset and hearts.

3 Things to Do With Your Children During Shutdown with the Pandemic

Don't Panic Have a Plan

Read Aloud

Pick a novel or good literature and snuggle with your children and read aloud. This is for all ages. This helps with their attention span, imagination, and comprehension.

Do a Unit Study

Now is the perfect time to do a Unit Study. This is where you take a book or topic and study and do journal projects. There a lot of ideas on Pinterest for this. A few ideas: Little House on the Prarie, gardening by studying science with plants or if you have older children it could be botany. If there is a time period in history you want to study use that as a unit study. Cooking, this could be used to teach your children science or math or home economics. Make playdough and edible playdough. Children love to be in the kitchen making and baking.


Let the games begin, these are great ways to bond with your children. Here are a few ideas for games:

  • make an obstacle course
  • scavenger hunt
  • cards (Uno, phase 10, regular playing cards
  • dominoes
  • board games
  • make your own Pictionary