Large Family Organization Hacks

Easy Tips


  • White towels and wash cloths because I can use bleach.
  • Cotton rug by tub so I can easily wash and dry
  • I keep disinfectant wipes so I can wipe toilet, sink, and counter every evening.
  • Keep extra soap, shampoos, and toiletries in a basket under the sink for easy reach. If you have toddlers you may want to keep in a basket in a closet for easy reach.
  • Keep a laundry hamper in bathroom if there is room.
  • I use a wall coat holder for towels and I have it for all children to reach to hang their towel. This teaches responsibility at a very young age.

What to do with all those shoes?

I have to say that shoes are my archnemesis. It's not the shoes I dislike, it's the what do I do with all the shoes people drop off! Okay, if 11 people drop off shoes, that is 22 pair of shoes! YIKES! That's a lot of shoes. I am a HUGE fan of large containers or baskets by the doors. Then have emptying the container weekly as a chore:)


This is a very necessary part of any family, if you have one child or almost a dozen like me:) I am going to list 5 reasons chores should be a vital part of your home.

1. Part of a Family -Your children need to feel apart of the family. This gives them a job and it lets them know they are part of something bigger than themselves and they are making a difference.

2. Teaching-