" Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2

"True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guest." Eleanor Roosvelt

I am from the south, and growing up that's what you did. Every Sunday was a celebration after church. My Mom was the best! She could whip up a feast to feed a lot of people in no time flat. I learned hospitality from my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt. Let me tell you, when all three of those ladies were in the kitchen....there was major prep going on and we knew once we ate all that delicious food and drank sweet tea, we would be looking for a place to nap.

Hospitality in the South is just a part of the culture, and I am sure glad it is because now my family benefits from this tradition. Our house is the house to come to because they know I always have food. Feeding 5 boys and my hubby was no small task. However, now that most of the boys are young adults they always bring friends over to eat and visit and I would not trade that for anything!!

Mothers, if you want your home to be a place where your children want to bring their friends and hangout, it all starts with you, setting the tone for your home. Start when they are young. I would like to give 5 simple things to encourage you to start this tradition in your home.

1. LET GO OF PERFECTION!! If your house is not clean, don't fret! It's all about the fellowship. Having 11 children in a row did not leave a ton of time for major cleaning.

2. If you have children that can help in the kitchen, let them decorate and set the table. Get your children involved, they love to help. Use a fun tablecloth. Use paper plates and plastic cups.

3. Everything does not have to be homemade from scratch! So what if you have to use instant potatoes or make a cake from a box mix.

4. Always have a recipe that you can whip up off the top of your head. Something simple!

5. Have Fun! Laugh! Let Joy come in and fill your home!