Budgeting Money and Time

"Successful people reach their money goals by taking small, intentional steps toward those goals everyday." Dave Ramsey

" Act your Wage." Dave Ramsey

Money and Me

Those quotes above were definitely NOT me when I married my hubby 27 years ago! In fact the second one, "Act your wage", has only recently in the past year become part of me. In reality I have lived in 2 worlds. I can honestly say that I know what the Apostle Paul wrote when he said, "12 I know how to [a]be abased, and I know how to [b]abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through [c]Christ who strengthens me. " Most people in their lifetime experience both of these camps.

My first world was an amazing childhood filled with loving parents and they took us to fun places and we we never lacked anything. My Dad was an entrepreneur and my Mom worked at home raising her family. She had a lot to take care of because most of my life we grew up on the lake which meant we were always entertaining with boats, water skiing and all the fun water toys. She also managed the household budget. I remember her having her Steno notebook and keeping all the household bills and budgeting with the money my Dad gave her. We also were really busy with his business. My second world was marriage and learning how to manage money. Let me just say for the record I was completely clueless and had no idea about the concept of the value of a dollar. In the first year of our marriage we had a company and we paid ourselves through a leasing company. I say that to give you the bomb story. I was pregnant with our first child and I decided we needed a family car that was safe and I could have room for a baby seat. I went to the Volvo dealership and bought myself a $30,000.00 Volvo station wagon WITHOUT consulting my husband!! How bad is that? How prideful was that? I just showed up in the driveway with a brand new car! I tell that story to bring understanding of where I was coming from and to say, "I thought everyone bought on credit", it never in a million years occurred to me that people paid cash for vehicles.

Last but not least, this caused a lot of big fights in our marriage. Our number 1 fight and almost a divorce was because both of us did not know the first thing about how to budget or handle money. I praise God, for all the mercy HE has shown me and my husband and our family. We are acting our wage and have a very strong marriage because we both have grown!