Do you believe miracles can happen?  Do you believe you have Ministering Angles?  Do you believe God has a plan for your life?  There is no doubt in my heart, mind, and life that all of the above is true!

I haven’t shared this testimony until I began a 30-day streak of gratefulness on Instagram.  Two years ago our oldest son, Joseph was on a job for his company taking down trees in a lift.  He had been there all day doing the job by himself until his brother Jordan showed up at the job site because he was finished working.  He got in the lift to help his brother finish the job.  They were about 2o feet in the air near power lines.  Joseph had a strap with a metal handle on the end that he was using to pull the trees down after cutting them with his chainsaw.  This time would not be so easy.  He began to throw the strap around the tree and it caught the power line and burnt in half and half the strap caught on fire and fell to the ground and Josephs’ hand was now attached to the power line, with 8,000 volts running through him.  Jordan had his back to his back looking at the burning strap on the ground when he turned around and saw Josephs’ hand stuck to the power line.  Jordan immediately grabs Joseph and the 8,000 volts push through Jordan’s body and knock him to the ground!  They are still in the lift 20 feet in the air!  Jordan said ” the shock was so great he thought he had died, but he jumps up and stations himself on the bucket and said, “not today, you will not die or I’m going with you!”  Jordan was able to pull him off and take the bucket to the ground.  He then saw Joseph was not responding and had died and he began to do chest compressions and a few minutes later Joseph began drawing air!!  Joseph from the shock tries to jump up and he realizes he cannot stand and Jordan catches him!  The ambulance comes and takes Joseph to the hospital.  His hand was burnt to the bone.

He was transferred to the Augusta Georgia Burn Center.  This hospital was amazing and the doctors and nurses were wonderful.  He had immediate surgery and the entire hand was saved.  Two years therapy and 5 surgeries later his hand is great and his skin looks good and he has feeling in the entire hand.

Praise Be to God that miracles still happen, Ministering Angels are working overtime, and God has a plan!  Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”