I know what you are thinking, who has time to bake from scratch anymore?  Well, recently I have been thinking of health and health insurance (ugh!)  Children’s health and so the list goes on and on.  Since I feed a lot of people I wanted to change our mindset and choices of how we eat.  I am more about maintenance than cures.  Anyway, I have recently gotten back into the habit of grinding our grains for bread and baked goods.  If you do not know about grains and the tools to use I highly recommend going over to breadbeckers.com.  A fabulous website with lots of videos and information.

There are a few tools you need to have: Grain Mill and wheatberries.

I thought if there is just a couple of things I could do to add nutrition to our food and meals it would be freshly milled flour.  If you think about all the things we eat that has flour and that flour from the grocery store is so so processed that all the nutrients from the wheat germ has been removed.  Using freshly milled grains will allow my family to have the nutrients with little effort.  After it has been milled into flour it smells so good and fresh.  Happy baking:)